Private Violence: Anything but Private →

Working to stop DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in its tracks. 

“Domestic violence” is a term that is used to describe intimate partner violence, but it does not even begin to accurately describe the reality…

Abuse happens in all socio-economic, racial, ethnic, and religious or secular groups. The greatest predictor of whether or not someone will experience violence in an intimate relationship is simply being female.

That’s not to say that all men are controlling and violent. Only about one in eight men have been raised in, or have otherwise so come to believe their very identity depends upon this Cult of Masculinity that makes them believe that their identity depends on being in control. It’s also not to say there are no male victims in heterosexual as well as gay relationships— there are – or that lesbians never abuse their partners. But the overwhelming number of victims, (85%), are women, and the overwhelming number of abusers (90%) are men.”


Man jumps to his death after girlfriend insists they continue shopping →

I think this mans actions is an intrinsic symptomatic reaction to the current system of consumption propagated for our ingestion everyday. It’s even said in the article, he just had enough of his girlfriend severe consumption of shoes…I think he and his girlfriend had different priorities about whats really important in this life…Its either he hit a psychological brick wall erected by over-consumption, or he was just simply insane…which one makes more sense hmm? The point is that an insane system of control breeds insane reactionary behavior.

Gotham City thesis: Narrowminded or No?

I state that Bruce Wayne’s creation of his true self, the Batman, is a narrow-minded attempt to save a diseased society that is Gotham. With all of the the resources he had; all that billions of dollars and yet no attempt to create a very meaningful attempt to create social change in Gotham (or at least he could’ve done meaningful social change along side bashing a villain’s face #ethically backward). I feel like that everytime that he dons the cape, he is still that little traumatized boy attempting to avenge his parents’ death. Perhaps Batman was his way to cope with this tragedy; however his actions feels immature and that it indeed escalated the level if criminality in Gotham. Bruce Wayne as a fictional human character is far from perfect but perhaps he had a philosophy that Gotham deserved at the time; perhaps he reasonably feels that his actions are necessary in the current state of Gotham in order to pave way for  real social change to occur? I say no…I feel like the Batman is very much a product of that diseased world; I proclaim that he is a symptom - a product of that depraved world where inequality is only the news of the day.